Made Whole Podcasts are companions to the book, Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole. They are paired up with the PDF book series on meditation, various forms of energy healing, music, art, and my generally gentle philosophy on life, death, illness, and LOVE. See

Perfumers’ Journey

Perfuming can be meditative, and I demonstrate this here. The formula is given for a complete perfume over the course of this recording. Enjoy.

Meet Your Higher Power

We join forces with a Higher Power in order to facilitate peace and serenity within us.

White Light Close

Working with the White Light is a wonderful way to close any healing or meditation circle.

White Light Open

Working with the White Light is a wonderful way to open any healing or meditation circle.

Music to breathe by

I am Made Whole

When we begin life, we are made whole. As our life continues, cracks start to form in our egg. This pen can be a symbol to you to keep the faith. I hope I'll see you at one of my readings and signings, so that I can give you this pen. Love Lyn

You go on a journey to meet your Soul Guide, and along the way, personal guides and ascended masters join you. With each plateau, your Chakras open up, providing energy as you progress along. This is a peaceful and uplifting meditation.


Telling stories is just part of being human. It's how we communicate best.

Clear Your Energy Field

Become aware of your energy as you raise it up the column adjacent to your spine. Release stale air from your lungs. Infuse your aura or surrounding field with colour then clear any dense energy from it using your breath. A very useful technique when you feel you've been in the presence of dense energy and wish to get back to normal.

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