Made Whole Podcast

Topics: Sea of Ch’i, Energy Healing, Crystal & Colour Healing, Sound & Light Healing, Shamanism - Drumming & Journeying, Psychic abilities, Chakras & Ch’i, Hold Point Therapy, Meditation & Peace, Manifestation Board & Intentions, The Life You Really Want, Spirit of a Holistic Business, Anatomy & Physiology for Energy Healers, AromaBasics, OmScents Herbalism, Music – it’s in our brain, Art – it’s in our blood


Telling stories is just part of being human. It's how we communicate best.

Become aware of your energy as you raise it up the column adjacent to your spine. Release stale air from your lungs. Infuse your aura or surrounding field with colour then clear any dense energy from it using your breath. A very useful technique when you feel you've been in the presence of dense energy and wish to get back to normal.

Awaken your heart to what's around you - who you see, what you hear, patterns, sounds, colour, and how you feel. Leave this meditation feeling completely refreshed.

Deep Ocean Meditation

Trust that you will be cared for. Relax in the water and enjoy floating upon the ocean. By learning to visualize this short meditation, you can instantly relax your muscle, which may be tight due to stress.

UnPlug Meditation

When you feel the pressure of carrying too much of the load, perhaps this five-minute meditation and technique will help you. Once learned, it can be practised anytime and anywhere. Love Lyn

Please note: there is no music or sound on most of my meditations so you can relax completely without being side-tracked.


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